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Customize Your PVC Military Patch In Ca - Turning Ideas Into Splendid Patches


Do you want your design on a single side of your military PVC patch? Or want it customized dual-sided? Whatever you want, experts here can do it both for you.


Alter the thickness of your very own custom-designed PVC army patch! Thickness can vary upon the use. For rough and tough use, you may go for thicker patches.


Whether your design represents sobriety with its one-shade design or has rich and flashy colors, you can have up to 12 colors in a single PVC air force patch.


When its Canadian army PVC patches, they need to stand rigid through hard times like the CA's army. We back patches with top-quality backings for solid support.


If words aren't enough, our custom military PVC patch samples will help you make a choice.

Orange County Sheriffs Office PVC Patch
Aircraft Patch
Custom PVC Military Patch
Military Patch
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Let The World Know About Your Hidden Scars With Custom PVC Patches In CA

Army life is not easy! Not all journeys and scars can be expressed through words, but they can be revealed through custom military PVC patches. We empower retired forces individuals to convey their stories of bravery through personalized PVC navy patches. Even the present forces officials use it as prestigious military decoration on their uniforms.

Over time, Canada's patriotic souls have pushed the boundaries of fashion. They enjoy applying PVC army patches to their daily-wear clothes, like jeans, tees, and jackets. For that reason, PVC military patches in Canada have witnessed a boom! At, you'll find thousands of personalization options, designs, and much more.

Allow Your Creativity To Run Wild By Designing Your Own PVC Army Patches

Customization Options We Offer

Here, we give the power to create in the hands of our customers! This means they experience no barriers when it comes to personalizing their cotton badges. Not just will your designs help you get noticed, but you will also be remembered forever. See what customization options we offer:

Bring Any Art To Our Cart

You can bring any art to our cart, and we will instantly make that into a custom military PVC patch. Be it any design, shape, size, or anything else - we'll personalize it in just the way you want!

Glow In The Dark

Light up your look using awesome glow-in-the-dark PVC patches. It has a popping glowing effect that looks wonderful at night. However, they don't glow during the day, but they still look mesmerizing.

2D, 3D & Double-Sided

Fancify your custom military PVC patches by giving them a unique 3D touch so it gathers maximum attention. You can also go for double-sided PVC military patches if you are looking for something extra.

CYMK Printing & Screen Printing

Do you have a precise and complex design requirement that almost every manufacturer has refused to work on? Don't worry; we offer CMYK & Screen printing to deal with such requirements.

PVC Military Patches Maker in Canada
Reasons We Are A One-Stop Solution For All Your PVC Military Patch Needs
Here'S Why We Have 70% Repeated Buyers

We are the pioneers of this industry and emerged along with the concept of patches. This means we have known this market for the longest time possible. Plus, the professional artists here have years of experience up their sleeves! As an outcome, the repeat buyer rate is bound to strike up.

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

Our company has invested in top-of-the-line and upgraded equipment for efficient, quicker and flaw-free outcomes. This helps achieve perfect results with zero flaws in the shortest possible time.

Unmatched Quality Of PVC Patches

We guarantee the quality of custom military PVC patches will excite you to the core. That's because we ensure the finest raw material and hand inspect every piece before dispatching it to the customer.

Free Artwork Service With Edits

Our PVC military patches in Canada are all about perfection! Through the artwork, we ensure to meet (and exceed) your expectations. And if it doesn't, we'll make the free edits considering your feedback.

Fastest Turnaround Assured

Whether it is artwork or final delivery, we have maintained the streak of being CA's fastest PVC air force patch maker. Client approval, production, QA, packing and order displacement is done just on time.

PVC Air Force Patch
We Take Pride In Our PVC Military Patch Designers Hard Work
Have A Quick Overview Of Our Procedure

When it comes to making military PVC patches, you'll see many start-ups using DIY techniques to make some side bucks. But we are not like them; our manufacturing procedure is pretty advanced and professional. Have your eyes on our procedure:

We Design A Custom Mould

Usually, customers have personalized design requirements! Hence, we custom design a mould for them after they have approved the design. The mould helps us in achieving the precise and perfect custom military PVC patches just like the buyer has dreamt or expected.

Time To Fill Colors In Mould

After having a mould ready, we fill in the colors according to the client's requirements. We add every color step by step! First, the base color is scattered throughout the mould, and then we add colors as per the design. And we get the final results in the form of a PVC patch.

Oven Working (In Case Of Screen Printing)

If the client has picked screen printing, then oven working will be an extra step. Under this step, we transfer a coat of ink to the patch and then bake it. This helps in dispersing the ink perfectly into the personalized patch. But this step is practiced in the case of screen printing only.

We Pack & Ship Your PVC Military Patches

After completing the procedure, the QA team inspect every manufactured piece. Without their approval, the manufactured batch of cotton badges is never packed. Once QA approves, the team packs the orders and ships them to your address within the decided time frame.

SendIt Patch
Hacks To Pay Least For Our Custom Military Patches In Canada
Here'S How You Can Save Up To 40%

Sounds fake? But trust us; we aren't kidding! There are ways you can actually save a lot more. In this way, you will never have to search for military patches for sale again. That's because our regular prices are very low, and we will spill the beans to help you save up to 40%.

Refrain From Placing Urgent Orders

Our regular delivery time is 18 to 20 days. Customers who need urgent order delivery are charged a little more. We do so to pay our logistics partner to speed up the delivery. But the shipping is free for regular orders, so you can save a lot more easily.

Place Your Order In Bulk Quantity

That's true; we deal with the least minimum requirements and won't mind making as few as 10 or 5 patches for you. But this is going to cost more, resulting in an expensive price quote for the customer. Bulk orders are considered eligible for exclusive deals and discounts.

Intricate & Complex Designing

Thou we enjoy dealing with designs that are challenging to handle, but they can cost a little more to the customer. The more raw material is acquired for such orders, and as a virtue, we unwillingly charge more to the customer. But if you are ready to spend, we can ace any design.

More Than 12 Colors In One Design

Many companies allow up to 9 colors in one design, but we allow our valued clients to use up to 12 colors, at no additional charge. 99% of our clients use a maximum of up to 12 colours only. Any rare of them requires more than 12 colors; we charge them a little extra.

No Knife No Life Patch

Support Your Custom PVC Army Patches With Top-Quality Backings

Glue on Patch
Glue On

Glue the back of your personalized cotton badge and stick it to any possible fabric.

Peel & Stick Patch
Peel & Stick

Peel off the protective sheet from your cotton badge and adhere it to your fabric.

Velcro Patch
Hook & Loop

Sew-on one part to the apparel and stick the second part of it over the sew on part.

Sew on Patch
Sew On

We'll provide a panel so you can sew on your patch without disturbing its look.

Time To Make Your Own Canadian Army Patches – 3 Steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Show us your creative artwork.
We'll design & you'll give feedback.
After your approval, we'll manufacture!

Take Your PVC Military Patch Designing Game To The Next Level

Why Trust Local Sellers When You Have Professionals In Ca?


Short On Cash? Our Pocket-Friendly PVC Military Patches Are The Perfect Match!

We feel proud to offer the customers an unsurpassable quality of PVC army patches at a very economical price. Some add-ons, like 3D PVC military patches, double-side patches etc., can influence the pricing. But despite that, we try our level best to keep the prices as low as possible. Before finalizing the order, we share a complete quote with the customer. This gives them an overview of where they are going to spend their money. Plus, there are no hidden charges for delivery or anything else. This means – no surprises upon delivery of your custom military PVC patches!

2" - 2.5"C$3.42C$2.75C$2.34C$1.94C$1.3C$1.21C$0.98C$0.67
3" - 3.5"C$3.78C$3.11C$2.93C$2.56C$2.11C$1.99C$1.63C$1.26
4" - 4.5"C$4.74C$4.36C$4.07C$3.01C$2.7C$2.32C$2.1C$1.75
5" - 5.5"C$4.8C$4.65C$4.3C$3.89C$3.45C$3.1C$2.73C$2.55
6" - 6.5"C$5.89C$5.34C$4.79C$4.32C$3.92C$3.01C$2.83C$2.72
2" - 2.5*C$3.78C$3.11C$2.93C$2.56C$2.11C$1.99C$1.63C$1.26
3" - 3.5"C$4.74C$4.36C$4.07C$3.01C$2.7C$2.32C$2.1C$1.75
4" - 4.5"C$4.89C$4.65C$4.3C$3.89C$3.45C$3.1C$2.73C$2.55
5" - 5.5"C$5.81C$5.34C$4.79C$4.32C$3.92C$3.01C$2.83C$2.72
6" - 6.5"C$5.99C$5.65C$4.99C$4.5C$4.1C$3.65C$3.24C$3
2" - 2.5*C$4.74C$4.36C$4.07C$3.01C$2.7C$2.32C$2.1C$1.75
3" - 3.5"C$4.89C$4.65C$4.3C$3.89C$3.45C$3.1C$2.73C$2.55
4" - 4.5"C$5.81C$5.34C$4.79C$4.32C$3.92C$3.01C$2.83C$2.72
5" - 5.5"C$5.99C$5.65C$4.99C$4.5C$4.1C$3.65C$3.24C$3
6" - 6.5"C$6.43C$5.99C$5.45C$4.62C$4.25C$3.99C$3.7C$3.45

See Why Every Canadian Considers Us For PVC Military Patches

Emmeline EvangelineEmmeline Evangeline2021-03-23

“I tried 3 different companies for custom PVC military patches, yet this proved to be the best! The quality of custom military patches delivered by them is 10//10 and exceptional.”

Edwin AnouskaEdwin Anouska2022-05-26

“I am amazed at their finest standard of PVC military patches! PVC they used in their patches is exceptional. The borders didn't curl; even my students' used the patches very roughly.”

Luther OpheliaLuther Ophelia2021-06-26

“I have used this service many times, and they never disappoint me. The quality of air force patches is always beyond expectations; their customer service always wins my heart.”

Darius JuliusDarius Julius2021-02-26

“I ordered 300+ personalized patches that had a custom design of army camouflage. And they delivered them within 16 days. The design is exactly the way I wanted it to be.”

Tallulah QuincyTallulah Quincy2021-01-26

“As they required payment in advance, I was a bit sceptical, to my surprise they are very friendly people! They are rock stars! I see no reason to criticize them, from excellent quality to low pricing and less delivery time.”

Octavius RupertOctavius Rupert2021-09-26

“I am so much pleased with the final product I received as PVC army patches. I am amazed at their quick responses, fast delivery time and superior quality of PVC.”

Theodore CzarTheodore Czar2021-03-26

“You must try these professional PVC air force patch makers in Canada! I wish I had known about them before. I waste so much money and time with other manufacturers in Auckland.”

Spencer PhilippaSpencer Philippa2021-07-26

“Wow! A superstar patch making company in Canada. I really appreciate their quick customer support and on-time deliveries. Definitely, I am going to re-hire this service again, very soon!”

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Receive your order on time, or even before that – on-time deliveries are promised!


We offer free artwork services and ensure free edits until they are fully satisfied.


We have invested in the right type of PVC to manufacture quality air force patches.


Clarity is another aspect of our services; hence transparency in quotes is promised.


Encountered problems after order delivery? We are always all ears for that as well.


In a hurry? No problem! We will design your artwork within 24 hours or even less.

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