Morale Patches | A Detailed Guide Packed With Information

A moral patch is embroidered and small in size but there are different versions available of them based on size and material. It is worn on military uniforms to show their rank, achievements and their pride. These morale patches are also utilized to denote the specific units they belong to. They are made of various materials along with some identifying words, marks, and designs. These badges show loyalty and unity among the battalion. Other than the military, these badges are also seen on the uniforms of police officers, emergency medical staff, and firefighters.  

In this blog, you will read everything you need to know about morale patches. Let’s dive into it. 

A Detailed Look Into What Morale Patches Are

If you don’t have enough knowledge about patches you might be wondering what moral patches are. Relax, let us explain it to you. Simply, it is a type of embroidered or rubber patch that is typically seen on military uniforms. These patches have motivating slogans that boost the morale of the team wearing them. If you have seen labels clothing then you might have an idea of what these emblems might look like.

During World War II, pilots began to sew their badges onto their fighting jackets. These badges include their names and the fighter group they belong to. Over time, morale patches became famous among other forces as well and now they are found on everything from military to athletes uniforms. 

Importance Of Morale Patches 

It is very challenging to be part of a service that protects and defends others. The military men are far from their homes standing at the front lines serving their nation in danger and disasters doing all this needs great strength and courage. At this time, morale patches play a vital role to motivate them and keep their morale high. Some morale cotton badges also include important information like unit number, division, or bridge identification. 

Why Embroidered Morale Patches? 

Embroidered patches are highly preferred when it comes to uniforms, brand promotions, and other accessories. Embroidered patches are a popular and classic choice for morale crests. These embroidered cotton badges are incredible because they do not peel or scratch easily. Another reason is that embroidered emblems can be laid with Velcro backing or iron-on. They both work well with embroidery.

Tips To Design Morale Patches 

The morale patches have immense significance and that is not just for the military but it is now common among civilians as well. Although it’s your choice how creatively you want to design your badge there are a few tips for you that you should know when it comes to morale patches. 

  1. Size 

You need to be careful about the size of the patch. They must not be too large or too small. Morale badges have an ideal size that shows a clear design. 

  1. Logo

Morale badges have logos that show they are for formal use. These logos sometimes represent a specific unit. These badges also include quotes or taglines. 

What Do Morale Patches Demonstrate?

These badges show dedication and motivation towards a specific objective. To keep the team on the same track, responsible, and united these patches can help it a lot. These badges also portray respect and honor and have distinctive meaning that shows charm and a strong personality. At the same time, they are utilized as awards and to indicate ranks. 

Be it morale patches Canada, UK, USA or any part of the world, the core purpose stays the same. These patches are in high demand because of their unique design and style. Many companies are using pin, hook, and loop patches on their uniform to promote confidence and enthusiasm among their employees. 

Types Of Morale Patches 

There are two types of morale badges. 

  1. Official 

Official morale patches are given by the military or other organization authority. They are present on uniforms that feature logos, identification marks, and other symbols. 

  1. Unofficial 

Unofficial morale patches are not authorized by any organization or military. They can be placed on any of your belongings. These badges can be creative or humorous. 

How To Choose The Best Morale Patch? 

These badges add flair to your personality. No matter if they are present on your jacket, bag, hat, or any other accessory. You must be thinking there are so many patches, how can you choose the best one? Let us tell you.  

Firstly, you need to consider your type when choosing a badge like you want something funny, fashionable, or anything related to your profession or hobby. Additionally, it is very important to consider the size and quality of the patch as well. We highly recommend the badge that comes with a loop because it can be easily removed later. Ultimately, the best patch for you is the one that is according to your style. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are morale patches for civilians? 

Absolutely yes, Civilians can wear morale badges too. They often use them to show support or they find them attractive. Sometimes they customize according to their style to appear classy. 

  1. Where can I place a morale patch? 

You can place a morale patch not just on your uniform but also on your different accessories. People like placing it on caps, bags, jackets, and keychains. No matter where they are placed they give you a classy look. 

  1. Why are morale patches so famous? 

Patches are not just pieces of fabric. They have now become a fashion statement. Patches’ rich history and ability to add style to any clothing make it a must have in any wardrobe. So, add these trending badges to your wardrobe and add some elegance to it. 

  1. How to attach a patch without velcro? 

Double-sided tape can help you in this way. You need to cut this tape according to the shape of your patch. Simply attach the garment on one side of the tape and patch on the other. Double-sided tape is safe to use as it is easily washable. 

The Conclusive Statement

Morale patches are diverse and attractive uniform items. They are now not just for the military but organizations and other people have also adopted the culture of patches on their uniform. Wearing patches decorates your outfit in a significant way. Lastly, you just need to be careful about the size and design of the patch before making your purchase.

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