Make PVC Patches At Home | Learn How To Adorn Your Hats

If we talk about the most favorite accessory of humans, nothing can beat the power of hats. These wardrobe staples or that you make PVC patches help enhance the look of people’s attire and also showcase certain professions, like chef, army, and many more. Additionally, these accessories come in various types and offer several benefits, like protection from sun, cold, and even solid particles. But most of the time, these accessories offer a plain look, which doesn’t look appealing to the eyes. 

Thus, if you are seeking an idea to uplift the appearance of your headwear, then you can get assistance from PVC patches. In this article, we will discuss how you can compose these emblems to enhance the look of your caps or hats. So keep reading. 

Step By Step Process To Craft Your Custom PVC Patches At Home

In this current era, patches are shining in the fashion industry and are used to embellish certain clothes. 

But their purpose is not just limited to decorating the garments; you can also add them to various accessories as well. Additionally, people are also using them for promotional motives. So, decide your purpose now and start designing your PVC patches for hats. We have jotted down all the steps for your ease that will help you craft your own emblems. 

Compose A Catchy Design To Make PVC Patches

The first and foremost thing that you need to do to craft an emblem is to think about the design you want.

For this step, primarily, you need to identify the reason behind creating these decorative pieces. Is it for marketing your brand? Or is it for showing your support or interest in a particular team? Or is there any other reason for crafting them? First, keep this element in mind, as it will direct the way you design it. 

After you identify your purpose, it’s time to start designing it. For that, you can get assistance from the internet, or you can dig into your creative mind and bring out a unique artwork. After you know what you want, it’s time to think of the shades and text you desire on it. Make sure to opt for contrasting shades, as they can make your patch stand out. Additionally, your text should be catchy and sizeable enough to attract eyes and readable from a distance. 

Cut And Shape Your PVC Patch

After you are done with your design, it’s time to decide its size and give it a shape.

You can offer your patch the shape you desire, but as a newbie, you must first go for circles or squares, as they are easy to work with. Additionally, when choosing the size of your patch, make sure to consider the hat you want to place it in. Or else it won’t look appealing in the desired place. Ensure that the size you are going with is not too small or not too big. These two elements should be according to your hat.  

Add A Border When Make PVC Patches

In this step, you will be going to give your emblem a fine finish. 

For this purpose, you have a lot of options to choose from, but for PVC patches, merrowed border suits well. The reason behind that is this type of border offers an uplifted and emerging look to the patches. As a result, they look more appealing. 

Backing or Attachment

This is one of the main elements when it comes to crafting patches, as it showcases how you will apply them to your desired item. 

There are a number of backings to choose from, like iron-on, sew-on, stick-on, hook and loop, velcro, and even plain ones. To choose this element, you need to think of your feasibility. 

The fact is not everyone is skilled enough to apply a specific type of attachment type. Thus, go for the one which suits you. Additionally, you can also create rubber keychains out of these emblems as well, but for that, you will keep the backing plain. These patch types are durable, so they can be used for various purposes. 

Balance The Look Of The PVC Patch

Designing a PVC patch is not just about adding all the elements to it, but they should be placed justly. 

Or, else, it will create a mess and won’t get noticed by the people. Thus, it is recommended to add all of the details to the design evenly, and every component gets enough area to present itself prominently. For instance, if you add all the text on one side of the patch, then it would imbalance the design. Thus, you must keep the balance. 

Additionally, it is recommended to choose the background of your patch wisely, as dark ones can dim the magic of the artwork. Thus, it is suggested to opt for contrasting shades for each element so every detail offers a unique touch. 

2D Or 3D PVC Patches

When you are done with your design work, it’s time to choose which type of PVC patch you prefer.

There are two main types: 2D and 3D. They both have their own property. The regular 2D emblem has two or more layers, and it offers a broad view. They are flat in design and don’t offer any curvy feeling, circular arc, or roundness to the patch.

On the other hand, 3D PVC patches provide a vivid feeling of three-dimensionality. The layers of this patch type offer a 3D stereoscopic effect, and it has more than one layer for showing curves. 

All in all, these are all the steps that will help you in creating PVC patches. When you are done deciding these things, then you need to search for a reliable manufacturer and place an order to bring your design to life. Make sure to opt for the one with more reviews, or you won’t get the perfection you are looking for. 


In the world of fashion, patches have become the talk of the town, as they can be used for various purposes. 

These decorative pieces aren’t just used for enhancing the look of garments, but people are taking their help for several practical reasons. So, if you are seeking an idea to craft promotional hats, then you can get assistance from PVC patches. These emblems will offer your cap an enhancing look with an emerging design. We have discussed all the steps that will be required to craft them above for your help. 

Now, it’s your job to create appealing artwork by following our guide. We bet all the above suggestions will make your PVC patch creation journey a breeze. 

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